A fortunate meeting

The Goncalves family have been making barrels for several generations. In over a century of barrel-making in Portugal and many years in Cognac, France, the Goncalves have acquired an impressive expertise in selecting fine oak and producing superb containers for wine. Today, Jose Maria's 6 children are all involved in the complex barrel-production cycle.

As for Marc Le Grand, he has 20 years' experience in three complementary fields: vineyard and cellar work in Cognac, wine sales for the leading Bordeaux Négociants, and, since 1998, the sale and manufacture of barrels for the top French cooperage firms.

LE GRAND cooperage is the combined result of all their experience and attention to detail.

North America : Brian Hartley +1 (707) 738-7465

Tri Nations : Ceinwyn & Nick Wikham

Europe : Marc Le Grand

South America : Marc Le Grand